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    Keyk Paakyat ng Langit/ A Cake Reaching to the Sky
    Illustrator: Norico Chua
    Ang Mga Lambing ni Lolo Ding
    Author: Michael M. Coroza
    Illustrator: Maurice Risuimi
    Lola Puti
    Author: Russell Molina
    Illustrator: Vanessa Tamayo
    Ang Sampung Bukitkit
    Author: Eugene Y. Evasco
    Illustrator: Ibarra C. Crisostomo
    The Missing Blanket
    Author: Cheeno Marlo Sayuno
    Illustrator: Tristan Yuvienco
    Author: Lemuel Garcellano
    Illustrator: Christian Oliver Cruz
    Dump Truck in My Heart
    Author: Grace D. Chong
    Illustrator: Dominic Agsaway
    The Mats
    Author: Francisco Arellana
    Illustrator: Hermes Allegre
    ₱195.00 ₱175.00