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    Pumplepie Logo

    Pumplepie is a curated selection of Filipino children's books for the young and the young at heart. All products are made in the Philippines, a country so rich and beautiful, home to the happiest people in Asia. Pumplepie started out small, but with 7,107 islands and some of the world’s best talents, our quest to offer the best storybooks for your children never ends. Through books and happiness, we look forward to sharing your family's milestones in the years to come!





    We are Alexine & Adriana, I am her mother and she is my daughter. We were born exactly 31 years and a day apart. Pumplepie Books & Happiness is a project of love which came about in a complete aha moment. Back in 2016, I was trying to decide on a new career path and Adriana was in need of a new yaya and then it hit us - Aha! Let's just be together forever! We both decided to start a business selling our favorite things - BOOKS!

    Adriana's 11-year experience as a child is our strongest asset, so she’s the one who puts the final stamp of approval on all our products. I’ve always wanted to do something in the kids’ industry and I’m thrilled to have the most adorable business partner in the world!



    Growing up, a huge part of my  childhood was spent reading. I have vivid memories of being spell-bound by a good children’s story; every emotion so raw, so real and I knew wanted the same for Adriana. To build her library over the years, I would frequent second-hand bookstores, join the mob at annual book sales, visit several stores across cities in search of a title, and wish for books at every gift-giving event. Ten years later, Adriana has officially read more books than I have. 

    The books we carry on Pumplepie are all from the Philippines. Why? Because they’re amazing stories, illustrated by world-class artists, inexpensive, diverse and culturally relevant. We’ve put together a curated selection of books for newborns to young advanced readers. They’re tagged and sorted, easily available at the click of your fingers, giving you more snuggle time with your little ones.

    Banana B with Philippine Flag


    We are very happy to share Filipino children's books that promote our nation's culture and values. We are blessed to be in a country so beautiful and so rich; we are one of the most hardworking people in the world, known for our warm smiles, big hearts and brilliant minds. Let's raise our children to be Proud Pinoys!