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    Books for Young Adults (14 years old and above)

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    Babae! 18 Fierce and Fearless Filipinas
    Author: Agay Llanera
    Illustrators: Abi Dionisio, Lui Gonzales, and Nina Garibay
    BATA, HIWAGA, BANSA: Pamana ni Rene O. Villanueva sa Panitikang Pambata
    Editors: Eugene Y. Evasco and Cheeno Marlo M. Sayuno
    Ang Sapot ni Charlotte
    Illustrator: Toya Esquillo
    Translators: Sophia Flor Perez and Jose Monfred Sy
    Hanapin ang Sagot: Ano ang Batas Militar?
    Authors: Aldy Aguirre, Margarita Santos, Ergoe Tinio
    Illustrator: Aldy Aguirre
    Stray Cats
    Author: Irene Sarmiento
    Novels by Ana Digi
    Author: Ana Digi
    ₱600.00 ₱585.00
    Sa Kalye Mailap
    Author: Ana Digi
    Ang Digma
    The Children of Bathala Vol.3
    Author & Illustrator: Arnold Arre
    Maharlikan Chronicles (Set of 3)
    Author: Arthur Soriano
    Illustrator: Faye Villanueva
    BUM TIYAYA BUM: Philippine Nursery Rhymes and Verses
    Author: Rene O. Villanueva
    Illustrator: Sergio Bumatay III
    Maharlikan Chronicles 3
    Author: Arthur Soriano
    Illustrator: Faye Villanueva
    Maharlikan Chronicles 2
    Author: Arthur Soriano
    Illustrator: Faye Villanueva
    Maharlikan Chronicles 1
    Author: Arthur Soriano
    Illustrator: Faye Villanueva
    100 Filipinos
    Author & Illustrator: Noel de Guzman
    Baby TK
    Author & Illustrator: Kevin Eric Raymundo
    Wild Song
    Author: Candy Gourlay
    Looking Back Series by Ambeth Ocampo (16 Books)
    Author: Ambeth R. Ocampo
    Song of Negros: Myths and Culture in the Philippines
    Author: Victoria Bantug Hoffarth
    Ti Bassit a Prinsipe
    Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
    Translators: Cles B. Rambaud and Faye Q. Flores-Melegrito
    Mga Munting Babae
    Author: Louisa May Alcott
    Translators: Rowena Festin and Sophia Flor Perez
    Ang Munting Prinsipe (STUDENT EDITION)
    Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
    Translator: Lilia F. Antonio