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    Books for 5-7 years old

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    Bahay Kubo
    Illustrator: Hermes Allegre
    Amina and the City of Flowers/ Si Amina y el Cuidad de maga Flores
    Author: Christina Newhard
    Illustrator: Robbie Bautista
    ₱300.00 ₱100.00
    Sandangaw (A Waray Tale)
    Author: Voltaire Q. Oyzon
    Illustrator: Ray Sunga
    Duyan Pababa sa Bayan
    Author: Mary Gigi Constantino
    Illustrator: Enid Din
    Barefoot Bulayan
    Author: Mary Ann Ordinario
    Illustrator: Bernadette Solina-Wolf
    Nasaan Po Sila? Sa Mga Pasyalan
    Author & Illustrator: Jomike Tejido
    Nasaan Po Sila? Sa Pilipinas
    Author & Illustrator: Jomike Tejido
    Nasaan Po Sila? Sa Mga Pista
    Author & Illustrator: Jomike Tejido
    Sayaw ni Dayaw
    Author: Cheeno Marlo Sayuno
    Illustrator: Harry Monzon
    Malong The Magic Cloth
    Author: Mary Ann Ordinario-Floresta
    Illustrator: Pepot Atienza
    Pan de Sal Saves The Day
    Author: Norma Olizon-Chikiamco
    Illustrator: Mark Salvatus
    A Mask of My Own
    Author: ines Bautista-Yao
    Illustrator: Georgina Camus
    The ABC's of Pinoy Basketball
    Authors: Ceej Tantengco & Jon Carlos Rodriguez
    Illustrator: Melvin John Rodas