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    Alamat ng Ampalaya
    Author: Augie D. Rivera
    Illustrator: Kora D. Albano
    Ang Alamat ng Mariposa
    Author: Cepheus Quiñones
    Illustrator: Don Bryan Bunag
    Ang Alamat ni Niña Gigantes
    Author & Illustrator: Patricia Ramos
    Ang Mabahong Prutas
    Author: Mary Ann Ordinario-Floresta
    Illustrator: Rolando Nolasto C. Royong II
    Silim: Prinsesa ng Dilim
    Author: Mark Joseph Bacho
    Illustrator: Luis Lorenzana
    The Legend of Juan Pawikan and the 7,107 Islands
    Author: Celine Beatrice Fabie
    Illustrator: Benjor Catindig
    The Legend of the Cagayan River
    Author: Anna Liza M. Gaspar
    Illustrator: Glendford Lumbao