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    Modern Heroes for the Filipino Youth

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    A Life with the Poor (Sister Mary Christine Tan, R.G.S)
    Author: Didith Tan Rodrigo
    Illustrator: Mheri-Anne Andes
    ₱120.00 ₱100.00
    A Voice of Hope in the Time of Darkness, The Songs of Susan Fernandez-Magno
    Author: Luchie B. Maranan
    Illustrator: Shan Maurice Jose
    ₱120.00 ₱100.00
    Brocka: The Filmmaker Without Fear
    Author: Jose T. Gamboa
    Illustrator: Jose T. Gamboa
    ₱120.00 ₱100.00
    Edjop: A Child of the Storm
    Author: Ed Maranan
    Illustrator: Ariel Santillan
    Lakay Billy, Defender of Indigenous People
    Author: Luz B. Maranan
    Illustrator: Duday Ysabel Maranan
    ₱120.00 ₱100.00
    Ninoy Aquino: A Courageous Homecoming
    Author: Laura Saguisag
    Illustrator: Quix Maiquez
    The Pangat, The Mountains, and the River (Macliing Dulag: Hero of the Cordillera)
    Author: Luz B. Maranan
    Illustrator: Ariel Santillan
    The Reluctant Hero (Jaime Ongpin)
    Author: Lin Acacio-Flores
    Illustrator: Jerome Jacinto
    ₱120.00 ₱100.00