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    A Boy Named Ibrahim
    Author: Sitti Aminah "Flexi" Sarte
    Illustrator: Aaron Asis
    Bible Animals Activity Book
    Author: Andy Smith
    Illustrator: Nixon Na
    Bible Infographics for Kids
    Authors: Heather Green, Kyle Hatfield, Nicole Dougherty, Kyler Dougherty
    Illustrator: Brian Hurst
    Bible Places Activity Book
    Author: Andy Smith
    Illustrator: Nixon Na
    Children's Bible in 100 Stories
    Author: Beng Alba-Jones
    Illustrator: Gill Guile
    Meaningful Values for God's Children
    Author: Mary Ann Ordinario
    Illustrator: Beth Parrocha
    Musician for the Filipino Church (Fr. Eduardo Hontiveros, S.J.)
    Author: Lin Acacio-Flores
    Illustrator: Jomike Tejido
    The ABCs of Heaven
    Author: Vince Burke
    Illustrator: Aldy Aguirre
    The ABCs of Jesus' Birth
    Author: Vince Burke
    Illustrator: Dom Ochotorena
    The ABCs of Jesus' Resurrection
    Author: Vince Burke
    Illustrator: Lorra Elena Angbue-Te
    The Boy Monk in an Orange Robe (Chamlong Srimuang)
    Author: Lin Acacio-Flores
    Illustrator: Ruben de Jesus
    The Character Builder's Bible
    Authors: Agnes and Salem de Bezenac
    Illustrator: Agnes de Bezenac
    The Picture Bible
    Author: Dawn Mueller
    Illustrator: Gill Guile
    Vocations (Fr. Horacio de la Costa, S.J.)
    Author: Artemio R. Leon
    Illustrator: Christian Oliver A. Cruz