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    The Lucky Doctor (Tetsu Nakamura)
    Author: Nikki Dy-Liacco
    Illustrator: May Tobias-Papa
    Dancing in Cloud Gate (Lin Hwai-Min)
    Author: Fran Ng
    Illustrator: Anthony Erazo Santos
    Khan: A Teacher of Everything (Shoaib Sultan Khan)
    Author: Nikki Dy-Liacco
    Illustrator: Quix P. Maiquez
    Asa-Ka-Awan-du-Vatan/ A Year in Batanes
    Author: Victoria Abad Kerblat
    Ang Beybi Naming Mamaw/ Our Monster Baby
    Author: Eugene Y. Evasco
    Illustrator: Beth Parrocha-Doctolero
    Tuwing Sabado/ Every Saturday
    Author: Russell Molina
    Illustrator: Sergio Bumatay III
    The Quarreling Kites
    Author: Lin Acacio-Flores
    Illustrator: Hermes Alegre
    The Boy Monk in an Orange Robe (Chamlong Srimuang)
    Author: Lin Acacio-Flores
    Illustrator: Ruben de Jesus