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    Indie Book Selection

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    Ang Sapot ni Charlotte
    Illustrator: Toya Esquillo
    Translators: Sophia Flor Perez and Jose Monfred Sy
    The Perfect Tree
    Author: Glory Moralidad
    Illustrator: Danielle Florendo
    How To Raise Your Child
    Author: Gigo Alampay
    Illustrator: June Digan
    Super Maya and Her Amazing Ears
    Author: Bambi A. Rodriguez
    Illustrator: Nicolo M. Ilagan
    Novels by Ana Digi
    Author: Ana Digi
    ₱600.00 ₱585.00
    Ang Mahiwagang Bantay ng Bundok Arayat
    Author: Christine S. Bellen-Ang
    Illustrator: Harry Monzon
    Heneral Tuna (set of 7)
    Creators: National Commission for Culture and the Arts & Rocketsheep Studio
    Si Jalal ago so Ranaw (Jalal and the Lake)
    Author: Hanna Usman
    Illustrator: Marianne J. Palita