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    PRE-ORDER! The Adventures of Team Pom (Book 1 & 2) On Sale ₱1,300.00 ₱1,200.00

    This bundle is for PRE-ORDER. We hope to ship by October 5, 2022, subject to arrival of books from publisher.   Complete all titles in this comic book series:  The Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happens The Adventures of Team Pom:...

    On Sale
    Goodfire On Sale ₱155.00 ₱140.00
    • Author: Bea Mandapat
    • Illustrator: Ivan Reverente

    Kee was many things throughout his life: a tinkerer, wormpicker, medical aide, cook, inventor, and entrepreneur.  After surviving the odds during the Japanese occupation, he gathered his life experiences — from the wartime medical tent, to the back kitchen of their...

    On Sale
    Pananamit: An Illustrated Guide to Philippine Indigenous Attire On Sale ₱1,300.00 ₱1,225.00
    • Art: Jme Foronda
    • Text: Jem Macaspac

    Do clothes make the culture or does culture make the clothes? Indigenous Filipino attire is making an impact in the fashion industry. This is evident on social media where numerous brands have posted ther take on Filipino indigenous fashions.  Pananamit...

    On Sale
    No-Hair Mama, Don't Care On Sale ₱350.00 ₱320.00
    • Author: Jaymee Wins
    • Illustrator: Eleonor Bautista

    Yani's mom has beautiful brown hair. But one day, she comes home sick. To get better, she needs to take strong medicines that make her hair fall off. And just like that, Yani's brown-haired mama becomes the no-hair mama.  This...

    On Sale
    Bagong Bayani Books (Set of 6) On Sale ₱900.00 ₱810.00
    • Author: Armi Consunji-Genato

    Collect all six BAGONG BAYANI BOOKS! This series aims to open the eyes of young Filipinos to the impact of poverty in our society, with the hope of inspiring them to continue the mission of rebuilding our nation through a caring...

    On Sale
    Tatak Bayani On Sale ₱150.00 ₱135.00
    • Author: Armi Consunji-Genato
    • Illustrator: Eli Estella

    This is the story of Husna Sappano, a young Muslim mission worker from Bataraza, Palawan. She implements Gawad Kalinga projects against all odds. They told her the job wasn't suited for a young Muslim woman, but she's proven them otherwise....

    On Sale
    Binhi ng Pagbabago On Sale ₱150.00 ₱135.00
    • Author: Armi Consunji-Genato
    • Illustrator: Mariness Rivera

    This is based on the story of Kimberly Evallar and Donnalyn Ramos, two of the many promising graduates of SEED (School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development). They learned organic agriculture and social business which they share with other farming communities....

    On Sale
    Leni & Jesse Robredo - LIMITED STOCKS! On Sale Sold Out ₱275.00 ₱250.00

    These are the stories of Vice President Leni Robredo and her husband Jesse Robredo (1958 –2012), former Secretary of Interior and Local Government and beloved Mayor of Naga City. Both exemplary government officials, their stories can change our children's lives. ...

    On Sale Sold Out
    Leni & Kiko Book Bundle On Sale ₱275.00 ₱250.00

    Leni Robredo and Kiko Pangilinan have caused an unprecedented 'pink revolution' across the country. These are their stories — from their childhood to the leaders that they are today.  ===================   DANCING WATERS: THE STORY OF LENI ROBREDO A favorite childhood...

    On Sale
    The Children of Bathala Volume 2 On Sale ₱500.00 ₱450.00
    • Author & Illustrator: Arnold Arre

    "...for the children of Bathala are they,  and in the garden of his realm they play."   Idra's plan to hide Nicole and her friends from the Dark Anitos failed. Now the evil Budniaan has arrived in this world with...

    On Sale
    Triggered: Creative Responses to The Extrajudicial Killings in the Philippines On Sale ₱450.00 ₱400.00
    • Editors: Jocelyn Martin & Cyan Abad-Jugo

    Six students. Six mentors. Twelve stories. One country’s fate.In 2017, college professor Jocelyn Martin invited her freshmen English classes to write fiction stories about the issue of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. Six of the best stories were chosen for...

    On Sale
    To Love Another Day: The Memoirs of Cory Aquino On Sale ₱450.00 ₱400.00
    • Compiled & Edited By: : Rapa Lopa with Rhona Lopa-Macasaet and Paolo R. Reyes

    Her Memoirs from the Years of Trials, Tragedy and Transformation (1972-1986) For over two decades, Rapa Lopa had in his possession never-before-seen video interviews of his aunt, the late President Corazon C. Aquino, where she recounted, in vivid detail, the...

    On Sale
    Luntiang Kinabukasan: Ang Kuwento ni Kiko Pangilinan (PRINTED) On Sale ₱125.00 ₱99.00
    • Author: Eugene Y. Evasco
    • Illustrator: Ara Villena

    Paano kaya namuhay ang ating mga lingkod-bayan noong sila’y mga bata? Ito ang makulay na kuwento ni Kiko, isang ordinaryong bata na piniling paunlarin ang sarili upang mapaglingkuran ang bayan at maihatid ang luntiang kinabukasan sa bawat Pilipino. What were...

    On Sale
    Tides of the Sea On Sale ₱500.00 ₱450.00

    BOOK DETAILSAUTHOR: Alanna Michelle Escudero ILLUSTRATOR: Hazel Rosie BayarasPUBLISHER: Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation LANGUAGE: English ISBN: 9786219585620DATE PUBLISHED: 2021 FORMAT: SoftcoverSIZE: 6x8inWEIGHT: 120g

    On Sale
    Fantastic Filipinas (Set of 5) On Sale ₱845.00 ₱760.00

    Collect all 5 titles in the Fantastic Filpinas series!    Girl Scout, War Hero: The Story of Josefa Llanes Escoda Super Suffragette: The Story of Pura Villanueva-Kalaw  Pediatrician and Pioneer: The Story of Fe Del Mundo  Feeding the Fight: The...

    On Sale
    Girl Scout, War Hero: The Story of Josefa Llanes Escoda On Sale ₱169.00 ₱150.00
    • Author: Ceej Tantengco and Sabrina Schnabel
    • Illustrator: Alexandra Romualdez Broekman

    She was the founder of the Girls Scouts of the Philippines, and a resistance fighter who brought people together. Here's the surprising story of how Josefa Llanes-Escoda and her girl scouts fought their own battle during World War II.   ...

    On Sale
    Feeding the Fight: The Story of Maria Orosa On Sale ₱169.00 ₱150.00
    • Author: Ceej Tantengco and Sabrina Schnabel
    • Illustrator: Alexandra, Lucas, Leia Broekman

    She was the inventor of banana ketchup and a food chemist who used her ingenuity to feed the people during World War II. Here's the unforgettable story of how Maria Orosa saved thousands of lives with her delicious recipes.   ...

    On Sale
    La Generala: The Story of Gabriela Silang On Sale ₱169.00 ₱150.00
    • Author: Ceej Tantengco and Sabrina Schnabel
    • Illustrator: Lea Calanoc

    She was a brave warrior and a loving wife who refused to back down, no matter the challenge. Here's the electrifying story of how Gabriela Silang rose to the occasion and led her people's fight for freedom.    ALEXINE: This Fantastic...

    On Sale
    Pediatrician and Pioneer: The Story of Fe Del Mundo On Sale ₱169.00 ₱150.00
    • Author: Ceej Tantengco and Sabrina Schnabel
    • Illustrator: Dani Go

    She was a woman of many firsts and a fiercely independent person who pioneered pediatric medicine in the Philippines. Here's the heartwarming story of how Dr. Fe Del Mundo dedicated her life to helping countless children.    ALEXINE: This Fantastic Filipinas...

    On Sale
    Super Suffragette: The Story of Pura Villanueva-Kalaw On Sale ₱169.00 ₱150.00
    • Author: Ceej Tantengco and Sabrina Schnabel
    • Illustrator: Georgina Camus

    She was a journalist and beauty queen who challenged people's ideas of what women could achieve. Here's the empowering story of Pura Villanueva-Kalaw. And how the suffragettes like her won Filipinas the vote.    ALEXINE: This Fantastic Filipinas series is a...

    On Sale
    Dako nga Yahong sang Batchoy On Sale ₱200.00 ₱170.00
    • Author: Jennie Arado
    • Illustrator: Rayah Dizon-Maniago

    Indi magana magkaon si Leon gani gindala sya sang iya nanay kag tatay sa batchoyan kag gintudluan sang BATCHOY MAGIC!  Hindi maganang kumain si Leon kaya dinala siya ng kaniyang nanay at tatay sa batchoyan at tinruuan ng BATCHOY MAGIC! ...

    On Sale
    Ditoy, Isdi, Idiay, Isna On Sale ₱200.00 ₱170.00
    • Author: Heather Ann F. Pulido
    • Illustrator: Renz Juno B. Abreu

    A fun picture dictionary of basic Ilokano and Kankanaëy for young children!    BOOK DETAILSAUTHOR: Heather Ann F. PulidoILLUSTRATOR: Renz Juno B. AbreuPUBLISHER: Aklat AlamidLANGUAGE: Ilokano, Kankanaëy & English ISBN: 9786219683114DATE PUBLISHED: 2021 FORMAT: SoftcoverSIZE: 8x11inWEIGHT: 125g

    On Sale
    Paborito nga Duag ni Denden On Sale ₱200.00 ₱170.00
    • Author: Early Sol A. Gadong
    • Illustrator: Gil S. Montinola

    Ano ayhan ang paborito na duag ni Denden?  Updan sya kag si Nay Ningning sa pagluto sang espesyal nga pamahaw agod mahibal-an.  What is Denden's favorite color?  Let's find out as we accompany Denden and Nay Ningning while they prepare...

    On Sale
    When My Friend Tries On Sale ₱180.00 ₱153.00
    • Author: Robyn C. Rodriguez
    • Illustrator: Margaux Janelle Chua

    When someone struggles with a task and commits a mistake, we tend to correct him or her without respect, gentleness, and tact. In pointing out others' flaws, we sometimes use insensitive words that hurt them. Just because we are right...

    On Sale